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Spraying Suede Boots

Spray Painting Suede

I had a question asked concerning spray painting suede boots, as popular opinion is that suede boots cannot be spray painted. My boots are "faux suede", or should I say more like faux nubuck and I have every intention of spray painting them gold. Blogger cb also bought faux suede boots and had great success spray painting them using FABRIC spray paint; here is the website of the actual brand that she bought and her photos:

click on photo for large view

The type of spray paint that cb used is called "Stencil Spray Paint For Fabric" the colour she applied is copper and it took two cans to spray paint both boots to the finish you see above. The boots look great , shimmery without any type of cracking or peeling. In fact I am so impressed with the patina I am getting the exact same paint for my boots in gold. It costs $6.50US which is around the same price one can of the regular vinyl spray paint.

So, now you know that you CAN spray paint suede, just look for the right type of spray paint for your project.
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Carnival pros cut off the toes of their tights, then they wear their tights like a spandex pants that ends just above their ankles.

Coconut head logo Be Kind to Your Feet 

Wear comfortable and preferably well worn-in sneakers. Lets face it, you need shoes that are designed for running, jumping and walking long distances. Shoes should fit snugly but not be overly tight. Don't be seduced by suggestions to wear flip-flops, sandals, boots or heels, especially if this is your first time playing mas. You will be on your feet, marching, for 2 days.


Get creative; turn your old sneakers into distinctive Carnival footwear. Decorate your sneakers as a craft project, using your costume colors and design as reference. If you register early, you'll have lots of time to shop for sequins etc. to make your sneakers uniquely you.


A good way to rejuvenate your feet, on Carnival Monday night, is to soak them in warm water and bicarbonate of soda. It is like a mini hot tub for travelers and surprisingly effective.

Amazing Trinidad Vacations Coconut head logo Proper Pedicures 

The second most common side effect has to do with "chipping", the standard, shuffling dance step of Carnival. While chipping is the most energy efficient gate for Carnival, it sometimes can have a minor side effect.

If your shoes are worn loosely, this marching shuffle tends to jam your toes into the front of your shoe. The result, for those with long toenails, can be bruising and loss of the big-toe nail. The easy way to prevent this, is to simply clip nails as short as reasonably possible prior to Carnival, they soon grow back.


Pace yourself where alcohol is concerned. While it may be a novelty to consume alcoholic beverages in public, you probably will not want to get so tipsy - really drunk - that you become a problem to those around you. Remember, Carnival is 2 days, so you'll probably want to make the most of your experience and enjoy both days to their fullest.