Looshan Revellers Carnival Band

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This relatively new carnival band for St Lucia carnival 2010 is founded by veteran carnival revellers who are tired of seeing the same basic costumes on the road every year. All costumes are handmade by Looshan Revellers Mas Camp crew right here in St Lucia and cater for all ages and sizes who enjoyed and continues to enjoy carnival of yesteryear..

We also have a FaceBook page where you can view all our photos and add comments.


Band Leader

Erene Charlemagne ..... 7186846

Assistant Band Leader

Rogevarro Lawrence ...... 7132623

Chief Financial Officer

Erene Charlemagne.............7186846

Mas Camp

Lanna Giddings

Brandon Joseph

Nicole Jeanine Stephen

Carleen Pierre

Isabelle Lawrence

Gillian Augustin

Yasmen Louisy

Rose Giddings

Meshara Jn Baptiste

Head Section Leader/PRO

Bernard Frederick

Costume Builders

Ricky "Sackette" Louis

Wada Tobierre 

Kirby Dupres

Anthony Muckett

Security " Elite"

Egbert Eugene  

Road Sound System

HotSpot/Mad Crew Sounds - Nehemiah Charles......4853150